Galaxy S4 Language set to Japanese

I was trying to make Galaxy S4 from English to Japanese, but itself does not support for Language setting at Language choice. So I tried to download apps to set up Japanese Language, but it won’t do access to Japanese language setup choice. Well, I found that it does not have permission to choice or set up Japanese language for android 4.2.2 system. You have to have permission to set up that. Here is what you need to do list of steps.

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4

First, you need to download Android SDK and Samsung Kies newest version on your computer (Windows), then you need to install both of them. For android SDK, you need to use SDK manager and install all of them. When you finish installing you need to have next step.

Second, you need to connect Galaxy and make sure its recognized by your PC. This time, you need to make Galaxy to allow to connect as developer option available and check for USB Debugging process. For unlocking developer option, you need to tap 7 times  for Build Number at divide information. Then connect with USB cable and when Galaxy shows you  ”Allow USB debugging?” then you are able to your computer to all Galaxy S4 for root and tools to use.

Third, this time you will need to start using command prompt (cmd) for your computer section and make sure you have right place for folder and connection for cmd accessing. Then you type “adb shell” and process to your Galaxy S4 device to send permission code.

Fourth, when you are able to connect to your device, you are able to give it permission code which is “pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONF­IGURATION” then you are almost done with making Japanese Language choice available for your Galaxy S4 device.

Finally, you will be able to use apps call “MoreLocale 2″ then open the app and “add locale” then make label for “Japanese” Language for “jp” and Country for “JP” then add it. After all this process and choice for Japanese, your Galaxy will be change to Japanese language OS reading, and show all of system as Japanese language.

More Locale 2 Setting

More Locale 2 Setting

after choice of Japanese

after choice of Japanese

below is after you change language to Japanese for screens!

Home Screen

Home Screen

Setting reading for Japanese

Setting reading for Japanese



I hope this will help you to try to make your language choice!


Also, this may help people to know who like to type Japanese on device, there is a way to do. That is you go to “Language and  and input” then look at “Swype” then go to setting there and choice of “Language Options”. Then tap “Download languages”, and go look for Japanese which is “日本語”. after that it will start installing and will finish installed. Then you can choice that swype. Then, you will able to set up as Swpy main then you can use as English and Japanese.

29 thoughts on “Galaxy S4 Language set to Japanese

  1. Alin from Roumanian

    Thank you very much for this TUT. the correct command for cmd is “adb shell” . Thank you. Respect!

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      you are more than welcome, that is my appreciation for getting comment for this. Also, I am glad this help the “adb shell” for you.
      Thank you for comment!

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      Thank you for comment on my blog.
      Also, thank you for this message too!

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    1. Mike

      Do you have a video tutorial or a more specific instruction?

      I’m very confused with the instruction.

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      I am glad to help you and hopefully this will make easier for you to set to Japanese for Galaxy S4.

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    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      I have YouTube video also as like this going through one. If you watch the YouTube video, maybe that would be helpful.

      Thank you!

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      Hi there. What do you mean that? You mean when I typed Japanese, text comes up prediction as 私?

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      Yes, I can type Japanese and it can be able to change hiragana to Kanji. I use Swype for keyboard, and I highly recommend that Google 日本語 Keyboard. those two are really useful, and it is a good one to use. Samsung Keybord is not cover or able to download for Japanese Language, but Swype is able to download Japanese and you can use it easy.

      Is this answer your question?

  4. sam

    Hi thanks very much, I am going to buy an unlock S4 to use in Japan, should be no problem right? Already have the S2 LTE that I bought from Docomo and unlocked that to use on Softbank.

  5. halomaki


    I followed everything and also double checked the video but I’m still getting “bad argument: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unknown package:” in cmd after typing in “pm grant android.permission.CHANGE_CONF­IGURATION”.

    I have the phone set to developer mode with USB Debugging on. I have the newest Kies installed and also the Android SDK with all the packs installed. My computer recognizes the device but I can’t continue, I get the bad argument all the time and no MoreLocale2 app appears on the phone.

    Please help.

    1. halomaki

      I got it!

      My problem was that I didn’t think correctly about the app MoreLocale2. In my mind it should have appeared via the command through the computer.

      I downloaded it from Play Store and then did the steps. Then it worked.

      Sorry for the unnecessary comment.

      Thank you for the tutorial!


    全部できたら、動いてるよね~!でも、わかんないこともある、こんなアップを使えばsamsungキーワードには日本語がまだないかなぁ~ えいちさん、どんなキーワードで書いてるの?イタリアから、ありがとう~

    1. Eiichi Murakami Post author

      please make sure you put apps what I say here.
      If you want to type Japanese, please use Google日本語入力 app. That will be one easy to use. Also, you can use one keyboard already on Galaxy S4 which is Swype. You can download Japanese on that keyboard from setting. You can simply go to language setting on Galaxy S4 and try it.
      Oh one more, that is less useful but you can still use typing and keyboard for Japanese that app is called “Wnn Keyboard Lab Beta”. That app company makes Japanese keyboard for Samsung…. So please try to use those.

      Thanks for comment!

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